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Super Spy Transmitter Bug

2016-04-01 20:52  
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Super Spy Transmitter Bug


Super Spy Transmitter Bug


A very small home made FM transmitter Bug using a single transistor and with a transmission range of 200 meters. This FM transmitter Bug is very easy to build. The size of the circuit board is ONLY 22mm x 10mm.

Parts used Building a super spy bug transmitter video tutorial

Home made PCB
2n3904 transistor
4.7p ceramic capacitor
1n ceramic capacitor
22n axial ceramic capacitor
1 ? 5p to 30p air trimmer
360R resistor
4.7K resistor
10mm Mic
35cm antenna
Battery Plug
Some solder
19mm heatshrink

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Building a super spy bug transmitter video tutorial

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