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The interface circuit of pressure transmitter ( wideband str

2016-04-08 00:29  
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The interface circuit of pressure transmitter ( wideband strain signal conditioner 1B31)
The interface circuit between typical pressure transmitter ( such as Dynisco's 800 series of pressure transmitter ) and 1B31 is shown as the figure. 1B31 outputs +10 V excitation voltage, the pressure transmitter outputs 30mV voltage in full scale. The gain of 1B31 is set 333.3 times to convert the 0 to 10,000 pounds / inch 2 pressure into 0 ~ 10V output. In order to eliminate ground loop, the signal return side and shielded cable must be grounded in the same place. S is the calibration switch, R is the branch calibration resistor to calibrate 80 % of full-scale output point.