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Transmitter and Receiver Closed Loop Tracer

2016-04-07 03:01  
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A closed-looped pre-distortion system may include a receiver that calculates the pre-distortion coefficients and transmits these coefficients back to the transmitter.The tracer, consisting of both a transmitter and receiver, is designed to follow a closed-loop wire or cable system. It follows an induced voltage path created by feeding a low-current, audio-frequency signal through the cable. When the pick-up coils come within close proximity of the current -carrying cable, a small voltage is generated in each coil, and that induced voltage is then processed by the receiver`s circuitry.The circuit is built around a 567 phase-locked loop (PLL ) configured as a variable-frequency, audio-generator circuit, which is designed to produe.A predictive closed power control loop for mobile communication systems is simulated. The system parameters are derived from those used in a CDMA system uplink transmission at urban mobile speeds. This presents no restrictions, however, on using the proposed method in any closed loop control system where the total received power level is to be estimated from noisy measurements.