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Veronica 1W Fm transmitter circuit

2016-04-09 12:15  
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Veronica 1W FM transmitter is easy to build and to operate in FM. Veronica is also known for frequency stability, clean fm signal and uses no integrated circuit.
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Veronica transmitter is equiped with a mini-mixer and so you may forget an external mixer. This consist from T1 transistor wich amplifies the microphone signal before it is combined with cd-player audio or pc signal. R1 and R2 are potentiometers ( variable resistors ) used to adjust the audio level.

The component between R8 and C21 represents the oscillator wich generates radio signal. D1 is a varicap diode ( like a variable capacitor or trimmer) controlled by audio signal. C12, C13 and L1 decides the frequency.
The Veronica oscillator is actually formed from 2 oscillators wich operates somewhere arround 50 MHz in antiphase and the 2 signals are combined to form 100MHz fm radio signal. This kind of circuit design is stabile and is amplified up to 1W by T4 2n4427

Veronica transmitter 1 watt circuit

veronica transmitter
Veronica components list
R1 2 10k pot
R3 820k
R4 4.7k
R5-7 19 220r
R8 1.5k
R9 15k
R10 11 1k
R12 33k
R13 14 56r
R15 16 68k
R17 47r
R18 270r
R20 10k
C1, 2, 7, 16, 17, 19,
24, 29 & 31 1n
C3-5 & 8 10u elect.
C6, 18 & 30 220u elect.
C9, 10 & 20 10n
C11 22p*
C12 47p*
C13 22p trimmer
C14 & 15 15p*
C21, C25 & 26 65p trimmer
C22 100p
C23 5.6p
C27 & 28 1.8p
L1 – 6 coils / 2 turns, 5mm diam si 5mm length
L2 – 3 turns, 7mm diam si 7mm length
L3 – 4 turns, 5mm diam si 7mm length
L4 – 6 turns, 5mm diam si 10mm length
D1 KV1310
D2 3 1N4148
D4 Standard LED
D5 1N4001
T1 5 BC548
T2 3 BF494
T4 2N4427

The transmitter must be mounted in an aluminium carcase connected to ground. The power supply voltage is between 9 and 16V, at 16V the rf output power is 1W and at 12V is 600mW and at 9V is 200mW

Veronica PCB and components layout

veronica transmitter pcb

veronica components layout

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