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introduce the principle of 45W FM transmitter valve

2016-04-07 12:41  
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This article is introduce the principle of 45W FM  transmitter  valve. The circuit is simple but effective. For you to better grasp the principle, the proposed combination of text to read the schematic. The technical characteristics of this circuit are:
Trends in catering: 220 v AC
In FM transmitter frequency: 88 ~ 108 mhz
Force Cost: Max 45 w (no R3),
In the circuit: We adjust the frequency of C2. We adapt the resistance with C1 antenna. Control (audio) can become from kasseto 'fwno or other powerful source. If it is a microphone to the amplifier so that it should first force in order to obtain a roughly 8 w. 



 Transmitter FM 45W  with valve
R31KW/10W (for biggest force in the exit you replace with short-circuit).
C150pF trimmer
C230pF trimmer
C4, c6, c910nF/1KV
C5, c71nF/1KV
C8100mF 100mF/450V (Double electrolytic)
C9, c1010nF
RFC1, rfc2, rfc3air Inductors: 15 coils diameter 8mm, from wire 1mm.
T1Transformer 220V/6V-1A
T2Transformer of configuration with being first 4 or 8W
T3Inductor with core ferrite (externally it resembles with small transformer but has a turn only).
D1BY127 rectifier
Lamp807 SYLV USA or EL34 or equivalent
ANTENNASimple dipole L/2. (L= wave length)
S1Main switch of catering.
S2Switch of catering of rise (him we close after zestacej’ the thread).







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