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100 Mhz frequency period counter

2017-08-18 22:23  
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The figure shows the use of a CD4016 analog multiplex to multiplex the digital outputs back to the FUNCTION input. Since the CD4016 is a digitally controlled analog transmission gate, no level shifting of the digit output is required. The CD4051's or CD4052's could also be used to select the proper inputs for the multiplexed input on the ICM7226 from 2 or 3 bit digital inputs. These analog multiplexers may also be used in systems in which the mode of operation is controlled by a microprocessor rather than directly from front panel switches.
100 Mhz frequency period counter

TTL multiplexers such as the 74LS153 or 74LS251 may also be used, but some additional circuitry will be required to convert the digit output to TTL compatible logic levels.

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