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10A Adjustable voltage Regulator

2018-01-27 13:17  
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10A Adjustable voltage Regulator MSK 5012.

MSK5012 is a highly reliable adjustable voltage regulator.Whose output can be programmed using two resistors. The regulator has a very low dropout voltage(0.45v @10A??)due to the usage of MOSFET with very low Rds (ON) as the internal series pass element.The MS5012 has a high level of accuracy and ripple rejection is around 45dB. It is available in a 5 pin Sip package that is electrically isolated from the internal circuitry. This give us the freedom to fit the IC directly to the heat sink and this sort of direct heat sinking improves the thermal dissipation.


The output voltage of this circuit is adjustable from 1.3v to 36v DC.Resistors R1and R2are used for programming the output voltage.For all applications, value of R2is fixed to 10K. The relationship between R1,R2and output voltage Vout is according to the equation R1=R2(Vout/1.235)-1. C1is a filter capacitor which is also a part of the gate drive circuit of the internal series pass MOSFET. Around three times the input voltage will appear across this capacitor and so the its voltage rating must be selected accordingly.C2is the input filter capacitor while C3is the output filter capacitor.

Circuit ?diagram.

adjustable regulator

10A adjustable voltage regulator MSK5012


Input voltage 3v to 36v DC.Output voltage range 13v to 36v DC.Typical application of MSK5012 are high efficiency linear regulators, constant voltage/current regulators, system power supplies etc.A heat sink with thermal resistance not more than 2.40?oC/W must be fitted to the MSK5012.Resistance R2is fixed at 10 K for all applications.Quiescent current of MSK5012 is around 10mA.


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