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2018-01-15 13:53  
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This circuit using Two serial EEPROMs (24LC512) and a DS1631 temperature sensor are connected on a common I2C bus. The address conflict between the two EEPROMs is avoided by connecting one’s A0 pin to Gnd and others to Vcc. The 7-bit addresses of all three I2C devices are shown in the diagram. The two 10 K resistors are the pull-up resistors for the I2C bus lines. The SDA and SCL lines go to RB0 and RB1 pins of PIC18F2550, respectively.

The tutorial covers basic theory, stop / start conditions, addressing, data transfer, and acknowledgment plus illustrations. A couple of specific examples are given in the form of a 24LC512 serial eeprom, and a DS1631 digital thermometer complete with code.


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