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2N1086 Electronic voice replace circuit

2017-08-16 01:46  
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Loss of voice following surgical removal of vocal cords (laryngectomy) necessitating esophageal speech or the use of an electronic voice substitute.The 555 acts as the tone generator configured in the astable mode. Its pin 3 . square-wave output is transformed into a triangle wave by Rl and C2. The voice`s pitch is controlled by RL Transistor Ql can be  2N1086 , 2N1091, or any other equivalent npn germanium type.Sounds are amplified by the 741, and the IC`s output drives the transistor to saturation. When the transistor is in the saturated state, the triangle wave is able to reach the speaker, and your new voice can be heard.The circuit is a diargam of message controlle. It uses voice chip ISD1016 to replace telephone ring.