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2017-11-29 23:39  
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Agilent’s Infiniium 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes is the new? oscilloscope which boasts of 32 GHz bandwidth , this oscilloscope set a new mark of excellence for analog bandwidth promising to satisfy the needs of worldwide engineers to help them perform with maximum accuracy. It takes the emerging standards of wireline communication to a whole new level. It enables to take measurements with absolute accuracy and precision. This scope has lower noise floor which also boosts its efficiency to a very high extent. Accuracy in very small measurements require a low floor which the new scope satisfies and is therefore mark of excellence in terms of performance. In the front end of the scope there are two preamplifiers which are rated to 32 GHz.

Also in the front end there are included two edge trigger chips which have a edge trigger bandwidth of about 22 GHz. The radar applications therefore make a very nice use of these new scopes. The harmonic signals are captured with the help of low noise floor. Measurement floor of 180fs is offered by this oscilloscope.The control of pulse distortion is superior, the margins are also significant in fidelity and also in high speed. There is also room for higher speeds as required in the future. Measurement like fall time on a 13.5-ps edge are made very easy with these new scopes. The probing system should also be suitable, a probing system of good efficiency increases and aids the performances of scopes immensely. This scope also dismisses the need for DSP bandwidth boosting, the use of which is very common in high-end scopes. The technology used by the test firm is a semiconductor of indium phosphide with a transition frequency of about 200 GHz. This is the first of its kind in an scope. The range includes 10 models having different bandwidths. The scopes which are capable of speeds of this order also require very sophisticated probes. These probes help the scopes to perform at their maximum possible efficiency. For measuring signals this is extremely important, signals such as 10G Ethernet or also like SAS 12G upto the order of fifth harmonic. The price range is high, starting from £88,000 priced for the 16GHz scope, ranging upto the amount of £180,000 marked for the 32GHz? scope. These scopes have also dispelled the needs for? DSP boosting for any of the higher models of scopes in the future.

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