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3 square waves generator

2017-09-03 20:49  
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The circuit provides three square wave outputs with 120?° of phase difference between each other. Reference clock frequency is twice that of the required frequency. This can be obtained from a crystal oscillator with a chain of dividers or by using LM 555 in 50% duty cycle astable mode.
3 square waves generator

If 1/T is the frequency of the reference clock, the dual timer 556 is connected to give two mono-stable output pulses of duration T/3 and 2T/3. The first timer R and C value are adjusted so that ta = l.lRaCa = T/3 and the second timer R and C values so that tb = l.lRbCb = 2T/3. For triggering the two monostables a negative pulse train (1st) is derived from the reference clock with a differentiator and a clipper combination as shown. The three pulse trains trigger three JK flip flops giving three phase square wave outputs.

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