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40 m direct conversion receiver circuit schematic presentati

2017-08-16 02:20  
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This article is 40 meters direct conversion receiver circuit schematic presentation. By convention, in order to better grasp the principles you are, we recommend you to combine text read schematics. The circuit uses three n-channel FETs (BFW10). The first field-effect transistor (T1) to execute the function ants. / RF amplifiers and product detector, while the second and third FETs (T2 and T3) together form a video oscillator (variable frequency oscillator) is injected into the gate output of the first field effect transistor (T1) by 10 pf capacitor C16. This video oscillator is tuned to the frequency of the continuous wave signal is different from the incoming frequency of about 1 kHz to generate the beat frequency range of the audio output transformer X1, which is a type of audio driver transformer used in transistor radio. Audio output transformer X1 is connected to the input of audio amplifier around IC1 (TBA820M ) via volume control VR1. An audio output to connect to an amplifier in atrial fibrillation 8 ohms, 1 watt speakers. Recipients can use a 12 volt power supply, able to purchase about 250 ma current. Audio output stage can be replaced by a ready-l panel audio output circuit for transistor amplifier, if desired. If you are a first reading on this principle, we recommend that you carefully read several times in order to better fully grasp this simple but effective circuit.

40 meter Direct Conversion Receiver

40 meter Direct Conversion Receiver

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