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4 Bit LCD Basic Stamp

2018-01-14 03:06  
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BASIC Stamps are microcontrollers (tiny computers) that are designed for
use in a wide array of applications. Many projects that require an
embedded system with some level of intelligence can use a BASIC Stamp
module as the controller.
Each BASIC Stamp comes with a BASIC Interpreter chip, internal memory
(RAM and EEPROM), a 5-volt regulator, a number of general-purpose I/O
pins (TTL-level, 0-5 volts), and a set of built-in commands for math and
I/O pin operations. BASIC Stamps are capable of running a few thousand
instructions per second and are programmed with a simplified, but
customized form of the BASIC programming language, called PBASIC.

This simple design is a Basic Stamp equivelent of the Proteus PIC 4-bit LCD driver sample that illustrates the operation of the alphanumeric LCD display in 4-bit mode.

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1. Basic Script

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