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5V Low Drop Out Regulator Low Volt by BD438

2018-01-23 22:37  
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I have a 6V battery, but it needs to be applied to digital circuits that used to 5 volt regulated.
In first, I will reduce this voltage with a single resistor, but the load current is not constant.
The other way to use is a second, I would use 2 x 1N5402 diodes to connected in series to reduce the voltage to the load. But it don’t work because low current output.

I selected this simple circuit is the 5V Low Drop Out Regulator Low Volt. It used normal electronics part are transistors and resistors. While we can adjustable the P1 for control output voltage at current 500mA.

When the BD438 transistor Q1 is very hot, so the cooling pad. And we use numbers instead TIP3055 number 2N3055 (easy to buy all the time).

5V Low Drop Out Regulator Low Volt

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