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6522 Versatile Interface Adapter circuit

2017-08-16 19:02  
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The  6522  Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA) was an integrated circuit made by MOS Technology, as well as second sources including Rockwell and Synertek. It served as an I/O port controller for the 6502 family of microprocessors, providing the parallel I/O capabilities of the PIA as well as timers and a shift register for serial communications.Process-control applications often require a monostable multivibrator (one-shot) with a pulse width that can be selected on-the-fly. This circuit uses two CD4051B analog multiplexers to select the required timing components for the multivibrator, and hence, the pulse width. The multiplexers` address input comes from an 8-bit latch. Bit D6 tells the multivibrator whether to trigger on the leading or trailing edge of the trigger input. Bit D7 determines whether the multivibrator should be in a retriggerable or nonretriggerable mode.

Versatile One-Shot Cpu Interface