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6 Band Graphic Equaliser Using 741 Op-Amp IC

2017-12-23 18:02  
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6 band graphic equaliser using 741 op-amp

6 Band Graphic Equaliser Using 741 Op-Amp IC

With this circuit you can control and blend frequencies and tones as desired.

Essentially, the circuit consists of an IC 741 whose gain at various freguencies is determined by corresponding potentiometer setting.

6 band graphic equaliser circuit using 741 op-amp bass treble control

The audiblefrequency spectrum is covered in six steps: 50Hz, 160Hz, 500Hz, 1.6kHz, 5kHz, 16kHz. All potentiometers are of 100kΩ linear type. The circuit provides adequate boost / cut for normal use.

R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R627kΩ
VR1, VR2, VR3, VR4, VR5, VR6100kΩ
C1100n (104)
C233n (333)
C310n (103)
C43.3n (332)
C51n (102)
C6300pF (301)
C7100μF 16V
C84.7μF 16V
C947μF 16V
IC1741 Op amp

power supply for the circuit can be derived from the amplifier / preamplifier itself. The wide rangeof supply voltage (6V-15V) makes the circuit very versatile. Power consumption is negligible.

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