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6 input mixer circuit

2017-08-09 11:30  
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This article describes the six input mixer circuit. Schematics can combine text look better grasp of this principle. In this circuit, a simple mixer with a 3-wire input and 3 Mic using common parts. There are three lines below the mixer circuit inputs and three microphone inputs. Microphone input for low impedance 200 - 1000 r dynamic microphone. ECM or condenser microphones can also be used, but the application must be biased through a series resistor. As with any mixer circuit is always a slight loss of introduction. Finally summing amplifier gain of 2 or 6 db to overcome this. Input line level should be about 200 mv RMS. Microphone input magnified 100 times or 40 db, the total gain and mixer is 46 db. Microphone input and output is designed for the microphone about 2 mv RMS at 1 m. Most microphones meet this standard. Op amp is not critical in this circuit. Bipolar, MOS field-effect transistor amplifier input or can be used; me. e 741, LF351, TL061, TL071, CA3140  etc.



mixer Circuit


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