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AF | RF Signal Detector Circuit Diagram Based On The 7805 IC

2017-08-24 18:55  
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73 mhz hallogene lamp radio controlled2 med 300x58 AF | RF Signal Detector Circuit Diagram Based On The 7805 IC

Description: The following circuit shows about AF | RF Signal Detector Circuit Diagram. This circuit based on the 7805 IC. Features: to control the power state of a hallogene lamp by a remote control, 73 MHz Hallogene Lamp Radio-Controlled, 120VAC source of the sector to supply it. Component: Transistor Resistor, Potentiometer, Diode, IC, Capacitor.[circuit-finder.com]

Tags: Capacitor, circuit diagram, control circuit, control diagram, control schematic, Diode, electronic circuit, electronic control, IC, Potentiometer, schematic diagram, Transistor Resistor

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