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AF | RF Signal Detector using TDA2822

2018-01-19 21:25  
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Series that we will make this special set ofsignal detector?electronics that can be used to detect the signal does not AF / RF.? This series is very neat and easy to make. Needed a cheaper cost. When readers of this series is over, readers can easily find out there is no AF or RF signal on a certain part of the series.? Basissignal detector?using a series of audio amplifier and loudspeaker to the input signal to switch to the AF and RF. The entire device can be made small so that it can be inserted in the vessel to maintain security.? Following is a schematic ?signal detector?picture :

Sinyal Detector AF or RF using TDA2822 500x250 AF | RF Signal Detector using TDA2822

Audio amplifier section in this series created by IC TDA 2822M, with a low power stereo amplifier in 8-pin mini-DIP. IC is used as a bridge cofiguration to minimize the output power up to 250 MW, the loudspeaker is in use 4 ohm, 500mW. Cash needed less than 10mA with a 3V battery voltage.? When the position switch selector AF, Signal audio input working on the inputs AF amplifier (IC 1 pin 7) through the capacitor C2 and Potensiometer VR1. Capacitor C2 is always holding the input DC voltage from the amplifier and the audio frequency signal. Input signal IC 1 can be arranged with the help potensiometer VR1.

When the signal detector?selector switch on the RF position, a series of detector and demodulator formed by capacitor C1, diode D1, and resistor R1 and R2 which are connected to the input circuit. When the audio signal is detected it will be significantly strengthened to signal detector circuit. signal detector?is done with the touch Probe in the foot-foot component that is.

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