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ARM7-Base development board for LPC2148

2017-12-23 05:57  
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After ARM mini board for LPC2148 is created its time to develop development board. I want to make board as universal as possible.
So I decided to put I2C, SPI, COM and JTAG on board. I decided to use external voltage adapter as there is needed 5V and 3.3V DC sources. For my experiments I can use those voltages straight from PC source. 5V there is used to supply MAX232IC.I decided to use it instead of MAX3232 because it is easer to get them in market. Of course I left ability to use and MAX3232 by changing jumper. All other free pins I made accessible by adding pinheads in board.


I made 100x100mm double sided PCB


PCB Bottom image


PCB top image (when printing – use mirror function)

And real world images.


PCB Bottom


Completed soldered board with ARM mini board on top.

And of course I put Eagle3D traced board images. Best regards to Matthias Wei??er from www.matwei.de did great job to do such job.



The first read/write tests I run with Philips Flash Utility were successful. Next time Ia€?ll post few articles how to get this board running by writing C code, compiling and flashing the ARM7 LPC2148.

Download Eagle files here: lpc2148baseeagle.zip

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