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ATMEL AVR ISP programmer that works with AVRStudio4

2017-12-21 15:38  
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Probably many of AVR software developers that use AVRStudio4 environment would like to program chips directly from AVRStudio4 using AVRISP. Usually we use simplified version of AVRISP that work with PonyProg or AVRDUDE. But here is solution, that can solve this problem.

In sixca.com is populated simplified version of AVR ISP programmer that works with ATMEL original programming software.

avr isp schematic

IC1 stands for any RS-232 driver like MAX232 or any similar(DS275). Wire from AVR-ISP to AVR board should not exceed 15cm.

The PCB is one layer and simple to build:


Installation of components:


The firmware is written for AT90S2313 as this version of microcontroller is obsolete, then it should be working on Attiny2313 as this microcontroller is compatible with AT90S2313. This device can program most of AVR microcontrollers that support ISP:


The firmware is written to work with crystal of 4MHz. The target device has to use 4MHz of crystal. If it uses internal oscillator, then there is no need to connect any crystal.

If target board runs at 8MHz, then firmware has to be re-compiled to run at 8MHz. Open asm code and change line:

.equ xtal_8mhz=0 ; if 0 then 4MHz Xtal
to :
.equ xtal_8mhz=1 ; if 0 then 4MHz Xtal

compile this firmware by using avrasm (AVRStudio will do the job).

AVR ISP connection diagram:


Real image of AVR ISP usage

Download??Project files here.

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