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ATmega8 fuse bit setting

2018-01-18 21:44  
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The first attention should be paid to clock sources. There are Four bits controlling Atmega8 clock sources: CKSEL0, CKSEL1, CKSEL2, CKSEL3.

As you may already know, Atmega8 can have 4 different clock sources:

  • External Crystal or Resonator;
  • External Low Frequency Crystal;
  • External RC Oscillator or Calibrated Internal RC Oscillator;
  • External Clock source.

    Examples on how to program Atmega8 clock sources correctly
    8MHz Crystal with slowly rising power:
    2MHz ceramic resonator fast raising power:32768kHz resonator stable frequency at startup:External RC 4MHz oscillator with internal C enabled fast rising power:If you want to drive maximum from your Atmega: then select 16MHz fast rising power:

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