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AVRSIDE-free alternative IDE for WINAVR

2017-12-21 11:47  
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Author (Jurek Szczesiul) of AVRSIDE program decided that there is not enough functionality with standard Programmers Notepad. He started to write his own IDE, which expands functionality and usability. Project is still in development stage but looks very promising.


Main features are:

SDI interface model with as much space for code as possible;

creating single/multifile projects;

compile and make / build operations available;

makefiles edition – directly set options you need;

compilation log file creation;

different syntax highlighting for C and ASM;

jump – to – error makes easy code cleaning;

avr – gcc assembler code preview for single file and whole project;

multi file project import from any folder;

auto creating dependencies for header files;

libraries manager;

simple symbols browser;

code templates and avrlibc functions auto-completion;

automatic hint for function declaration

number of searching tools;

embedded ISP interfaces based on com port and USB.

Project page of AVRSIDE. Download AVRSIDE from here.

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