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AVR serial and parallel High-Voltage programmer

2017-12-22 00:54  
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This programmer isn’t widely popular as usually is easier to use ISP programming method. But sometimes if you need to disable RESET pin and use it as regular pin instead or you want to disable or restore SPI fuses who control ISP programming method, then you will need High-Voltage parallel programmer of AVR microcontrollers.

One of programmers available in the wide internet is HVProg. This is a redesign of STK500 but without development board components. This programmer supports all available AVR microcontrollers in every programming mode and is compatible with AVRstudio.


In HVProg there are two versions of programmer:

The Basic-Versionhas separate connectors(6 Pin ISP, 10 Pin ISP, Serial HV programming, Parallel HV programming) for the different programming modes it needs a stabilized 5V and 12V input voltages.

Schematic (Eagle-Format, Freeware 4.11): Download

Schematic as gif-file (~400kb): Download

Part list as txt: Download

TheAdvanced-Versionneeds an un-stabilized input voltage of at least 15V (AC or DC). It has 6 Pin ISP and 20pin connector for ISP, parallel and serial high-voltage programming.

Schematic (Eagle-Format): Download

Schematic as gif-file: Download

Board (Eagle-Format): Download

The original ATMEL firmware is available in .ebn format that is only supported by AvrProg (included in AvrStudio “.\Stk500\stk500.ebn”). When you have the original Avr910 programmer you can directly flash the firmware in the At90s8535 or Mega8535.

Connect the ISP programming adapter with your computer and the ISP port on the HVProg board;Mount the ‘Self-programming’ jumper to pin 1,2;Connect the power supply;Start AvrProg;Select ‘stk500.ebn’ and set the appropriate fuses (high frequency crystal for Mega8535);Flash the firmware;Disconnect power supply and then the programming adapter;Mount the ‘Self-programming’ jumper back to pin 2,3.

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