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A Fancy and Creative Graduation Gown!

2017-11-22 06:27  
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If you’re currently attending a college or university, and the graduation ceremony will be held in several weeks or months from now, then have you done all the preparation for it yet?

Well, if you think that the graduation gown is a little bit dull and old-fashioned (Hopefully, it’s not the type of granny style ballroom party’s gown that being wore by Ron in the Harry Potter’s series lol), then it’s time to have some little bit modification on your graduation gown to make you stand out in the graduation ceremony…

Ok, it might sound a little bit over to modify your graduation gown, but this is the only way to leave an unforgettable memory during your graduation day! Well, for this project, you’ll need to build the VU meter into the graduation gown.

WPvideo 1.10Download!

You’ll have to put 10 super bright blue LEDs lined up the front of the gown. These were a small electrets microphone that can be clipped at the top of the gown facing your mouth.

So, when you’re speaking, the LEDs will light up from the bottom to the top and it depends on the volume of your voice!

Remember to have a great moment with this awesome graduation gown…

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