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A Hot Wire Probe For Electron Microscope

2017-08-15 02:45  
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A hot wire probe has been developed for use inside a transmission electron microscope to measure the thermal resistance of individual nanowires, nanotubes, and their contacts. No microfabrication is involved. The probe is made from a platinum Wollaston wire and is pretensioned to minimize the effects of thermal expansion, intrinsic thermal vibrations, and Lorentz forces.Insert the probe tip into either terminal of an ac outlet and hold the probe body against anything that the circuit ground is connected to. The  LED  will glow when the hot terminal is touched.Two 2M resistors are used in the probe tip for safety (redundancy) reasons.Detailed thermal analysis shows that for best sensitivity, the thermal resistance of the hot-wire probe should be four times that of the sample, but a mismatch of more than two orders of magnitude may be acceptable.

AC hot wire probe