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A current mode deglitcher circuit

2017-08-15 21:11  
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The deglitcher presented here is based on current mode circuitry. The output is provided in the form of a current which eliminates the need for a buffer. A high speed is achieved by employing parallelism. The circuit
does not rely on matching, which makes it very robust and eliminates the need for calibration.Glitch has been a universal slang expression among electronics people for an unwanted transient condition. In D/A converters, the word has achieved semiofficial status for an output transient, which occurs when the digital input addressed is changed. The sample/hold amplifier does double duty, serving as a buffer amplifier as well as a glitch remover, delaying the output by 1/2-clock cycle. The sample/hold can be used to remove many other types of glitches in a system. If a delayed sample pulse is required, it can be generated using a dual monostable multivibratorIC .A current mode track-and-hold circuit designed for deglitching a 14-bit current steering DAC is presented. The deglitcher is based on a developed highly linear current memory. The prototype circuit is designed using a 0.35-µm BiCMOS (SiGe) technology. According to measurements, a -66.8-dBc THD is achieved with a 9.1-MHz input signal and 30-MHz clock frequency. Two-tone test gives intermodulation levels below 68 dBFS at 40-MS/s sampling rate. The power dissipation is 360 mW from a 3-V power supply.