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A live wire detector circuit

2017-08-07 11:20  
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This article is a live wire detector circuit. This circuit is not new, but it proved so useful, simple and cheap, it is worth building. The circuit is very simple, I hope for your help. Sensitivity can be converted to use more or less long sensing probe. Since 3 v operation, LED  current limiting resistor can be ignored. 



Live-line Detector
C1____________100nF   63V Polyester or Ceramic Capacitor

D1_____________Red LED  (any type)

IC1____________4017  Decade counter with 10 decoded outputs IC

P1_____________SPST Pushbutton

B1_____________3V Battery (two 1.5V AA or AAA cells in series etc.)

Sensing probe__3 to 15 cm. long, stiff insulated piece of wire


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