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A magic wand trick exchange

2017-08-15 00:06  
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This passage is a wand tactics principle of communication. In combination with figure on the basis of understanding the wand, then welcome to communicate. As shown in figure: simple tricks in figure 1. The purpose is to provide some electronics enjoy beginners in magic, or should only need one hour or tw1o build. The trick is how it works: a wand (magnet is installed on a head) must pass before the 1-2-3 S4 sequence in magnetic reed switch to LP1 S6 light bulb light up. If the wand through the reed switch S1, S2, S3, or the 1-2-3 sequences will be reset (, is cancelled). Or, if the bulb has burned, the activation of magnetic reed switch S1, S2, S3 extinguish it. Or all of the reed switch S1 S6 - sticky box surface under 10 square centimeters (figure 2). A general adhesive is suggested, therefore, the magnetic reed switch may be moved after if necessary. Bulbs, LP1, is installed in the center of the box. Preview a 9 v battery can be used. Models are established using wood box. Wand waving back and forth to the box at the end of the various kinds of sports, on condition that it will finally pass the correct sequence in S4, 1-2-3 S6 (LP1 will light) at this time. This should be thoroughly confuse any bystanders and make it almost another person impossible to repeat the correct action with the same magic wand. Wand also may be just high enough in the magnetic reed switch S1 and S3, so as not to trigger them. A 7.2 v filament bulbs, LP1, is to use, rather than, for example, an  LED  - so as not to give the trick "electronic" appearance. Operation of the circuit is very simple. Three, logic gates of CMOS integrated circuit are employed in 4081, with gates IC1c IC1a to be configured to a standard level interlock circuit. S1 and S3 as a reset switch. Output pin 10 will only turn to logic high when the magnetic reed switch, close the S4 S6 in sequence. Power transistor amplifier output current TR1 LP1 light bulbs. Instead of a magic wand, a small neobdymium (super) magnet may insist on one finger, one finger in place using the wand. In the "standby" mode (light bulb goes out) circuit will use very little current. Thus a switch is not included in the circuit (of course, one can add). This box can be opened and battery is cut open or closed. Introduce the trick here is very simple, for beginners readers is very practical.

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