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A pulse and tone dialer on a single chip integrated

2017-08-15 17:45  
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The BU8307CS  and BU8307CF are large scale integrated circuits with a pulse dialer and tone dialer integrated on a single chip. These products are capable of dialing in either pulse or tone mode, and can redial up to 32 digits.) The chip includes both a pulse and tone dialer, making it possible to dial in either pulse or tone mode.A wide operating voltage range enables direct powering by line current. The voltage range guaranteed for both pulse and tone dialing is 2.5V to 5.5V. A built-in memory enables redialing of up to 32 digits.In tone mode, the memory itself uses one digit,so please be aware that a maximum of 31 digits can be redialed. The chip conformsThe XR-T5990 single-chip pulse/tone Dialer is a silicon gate  CMOS  circuit which performs both pulse and tone functions. It is designed to operate directly from the telephone line or on a separate small power supply.A 17-digit buffer is provided for redial feature.A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) pulse programmer has been developed using a single-chip microcontroller (ADmicroC7026). The microcontroller includes all the components required for the MRI pulse programmer.