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Acupuncture point locator

2018-02-25 00:41  
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This acupunture point locator circuit is used to locate the sensitive acupuncture points location on the human body. Acupuncture belongs to the traditional alternative medicine. This healing method require the knowledge of the correct location of the important ponts of the body. Traditional acupuncture specialists rely on their expert knowledge to locate these points.

Many of them also use electronic devices to help them locate these points. Most of these electronic devices measure the skin resistance based on the observed phenomenon that the skin resistance is lower on these acupuncture points.

The featured electronicacupuncture point locationcircuit uses a PLL IC CD4046. This is a CMOS IC with an integrated VCO that is ideal for the application. The frequency range of the VCO is set by the RC circuit R3/C1. This is also dependent on a control voltage. This control voltage comes from a voltage divider circuit which is made of the skin resistance in conjunction with R1 and P1. With a decreasing skin resistance, the control voltage and the frequency increases. The signal can be heard through the speaker. Transistor T1 delivers enough power to drive the speaker.

Acupuncture point location circuit diagram

acupuncture point locator circuit diagram

Use only batteries to power the acupuncture point locator circuit. Never connect it to main power lines. The current consumption is around 45 mA at 9 volts.

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