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Aerial Booster Circuit Diagram for Citizens Band Project

2018-11-12 13:33  
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Thissimple aerial booster circuit designmight be an alternate or a hobby project for making such an aerial booster device for the Citizen Band (CB) radio. Although modem communications equipment mostly operates efficiently on the higher frequency bands (which includes the 27MHz FM Citizens Rand), performance at these frequencies is not all one would desire in many cases, and there is room for improvement.aerial booster circuit diagram
Aerial booster circuit sample design has preset tuning, although it could be easily modified to have a tuning control if desired. However, the 27MHz aerial booster circuit is only some 390 kHz wide, and the bandwidth of the amplifier is just about sufficient to give very good results over the entire band if it is peaked at the centre of the band.

Aerial Booster Circuit Diagram for Citizens Band Projectcan be built using components as follows:

Resistors, all 1/3 watt 5%
RI 330 ohms
R2 470k
R3 680 ohms

Cl 10nF polyester (C280)
C2 10nF polyester (C280)
C3 10nF polyester (C280)
C4 100nF polyester (C280)
TC1 5.5 to 65pF trimmer

Tr1 2N3819

T1 Denco blue aerial coil for transistor usage, range 5T
L1 5mH RFchoke

S1 SPST toggle type