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Annoying Beeper (NE555)

2017-07-13 20:14  
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Annoying Beeper Annoying BeeperPlay
a prank on your friends (enemies?) by hiding a overripe-pitched
beeperwhich sounds off at arbitrary circumstance intervals. This
instructable useslittle parts. All that is needed is: barrage
microcontroller lecturer Why don’t I licit use a 555 timer chip? You
certainly could. I likethis manner because:1. The capacity to beep at
arbitrary intervals2. Minimal parts needed (simplicity/style of
format)3. I wanted to use a microcontroller (because I recently started
thecruise of enlightenment about microcontrollers)This envisage was
inspired by an body in MAKE magazine about creation a identical
appliance with a 555 timer chip.After creation my nonpareil, I searched
instructables.com and found the Raven, which is a identical beeping body
using a microcontroller. I recognizeableto add my instructable because
it uses less parts and has arbitrary intervals.