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2017-08-23 01:25  
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The BUF634 is a high speed unity-gain open-loop buffer recommended for a wide range of applications. It can be used inside the feedback loop of op amps to increase output current, eliminate thermal feedback and improve capacitive load drive.

The BUF634’s excellent bandwidth and fast slew rate make it useful in a variety of high frequency open-loop applications. When operated open-loop, circuit board layout and bypassing technique can affect dynamic performance. For best results, use a ground plane type circuit board layout and bypass the power supplies with 0.1mF ceramic chip capacitors at the device pins in parallel with solid tantalum 10mF capacitors. Source resistance will affect high-frequency peaking and step response overshoot and ringing. Best response is usually achieved with a series input resistor of 25W to 200W, depending on the signal source. Response with some loads (especially capacitive) can be improved with a resistor of 10W to 150W in series with the output.

BUF634 Application Circuits:



Figure 1:High Performance Headphone Driver




Figure 2: Current-Output Valve Driver