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Basics of project file in VMLAB

2017-12-23 09:29  
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Lets say you have created a project like in earlier lesson. Then you can see the project window:

vmlab main window

project file has extension *.prj. In this file comments are marked with character a€?;a€? and directives a€?.a€?

In example you see the directives describing microcontroller and its compilation settings. They are created using project wizard.

Then another directive is .TRACE which enables tracing of program flow.

Then follows directives describing working schematic of project.

a€?.POVER VDD=5 VSS=0a€? means that microcontroller is powered with 5V voltage supply source.

a€?.CLOCK 1mega€? means that microcontroller is clocked by 1MHz generator.

a€?.SORE 250ma€? means amount of ms stored in internal oscilloscope emulator. This parameter is set automatically depending on your RAM amount. But you can change it to other value. This group of parameters are set by default when you select project properties in wizard and create it.

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