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2017-11-22 21:29  
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Can you ever imagine, how heavy of the world’s most powerful magnet can be? Well, believe it or not, this electromagnet is weighing almost 18,000 pounds and it’s fully powered by jolts from a massive 1,200-megajoules motor generator. Once it has been activated, the new magnet would be about two million times more powerful than the average refrigerator magnet!

Basically, the electromagnet can be divided into two main parts. The outer part is the cylinder with 1.5 meters in diameter and 1.5 meters tall. It’s very solid except for a small hole, which is less than 8 inches wide that bored through the middle of magnet.

The nine coils, which is made of copper and have been strengthened with silver wire lay inside the hole. As a result, the copper and silver will create the strongest and powerful material known of all!

According to the researchers, the pressures that being generated inside the insert part can be equivalent to 200 sticks of dynamite going off together. In other hands, it’s about 30 times the pressure at the bottom of the ocean as well!

The inner and outer magnets can create up to 90 teslas in one time, which Teslas is used to measure the pull of a magnetic field. And, the Earth’s magnetic field is only 50 mircoteslas! So, can you figure out how powerful the 90 Teslas is? [Discovery news]

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