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Behold For This Wave Vessel

2018-01-14 16:34  
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Do you have the desire to change any audio signal, and transform it into an amazing visual display? This also a simple device, you just plug it into the wall, then insert the ?" jack, turn it on, and enjoy the pleasure moment.

If you do, then this will keep you busy for a while. The material you needed:

    Soldering ironSolderWireAudio amplifierMultimeterAudio jackVarious screwdriversAlligator clipsSound sourceDPDT switchRubber gloves, andLast but not least, a television

    For this project, you have an option here; use either the black and white television or Webblevision. Still, you're better choosing first option, as the Webblevision doesn't have switchable video mode as Wave Vessel did.

    Alert that you must remember here...Don't even try to touch anything on the board that showed at the above figure. It has enough electricity to give you a fatal shock!

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