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Beware of the Fire Breathing Dragon!

2017-11-22 02:23  
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For those of you that fascinated with the spectacular fire breathing show, it’s totally an breathtaking scene of all! To be honest, it’s a very dangerous action and it’s not a great idea to imitate this wondrous action, especially for those people that never get involved with this performance before!


Well, you don’t have to risk yourself learning the fire breathing skill, but you can build a Puff, The Fire Breathing Dragon. For your information, Puff has the ability to put out fires from its mouth (Sounds cool, isn’t it?).

This is the process how it works:First thing first, it scans his head to find the flames.Then, it orientates towards the flame and blows it out continuously.

However, if it fails to blow out the fire within two sweeps, the “PANIC” mode that has been included in the Puff will automatically switch in. As a result, it returns to the original starting point and this for save itself from frying his “Chips”! lol

Although Puff is capable to breath out fire, but this would only happen when you’re annoying him (The Angry Mode will be activated, once you’re disturbing the Puff!).

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