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Blue Point Engineering Animatronics Robotics (1N4148)

2017-04-28 02:12  
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Hardware, Electronics, Supplies, Custom Engineering and Technical Assistance for the Animatronic, Robotic, Electronic Arts, Haunted Attractions, Hobbyist and Professional.Animatronic Control

“..Product line of low cost, high quality, hardware, electronics, and supplies used in animatronics, robotics, haunted Industry and technology education for both the hobbyist and professional designers, imagineers and dreamers creating their own forms of animatronic and robotic life.”

The Wizard on the right – a small 9 Volt dc powered interface board that will record and playback up to 5 minutes of servo motion for 4 standard 5 Vdc hobby R/C type servos and control 4 digital switched ON and OFF outputs at 4.5 Vdc (100 mA) per channel.

Blue Point Engineering - Animatronics Robotics


Unique R/C servo operated – Single-Acting 3-way valve. Runs directly from R/C receiver, Wizard, or Puppet boards, no interface, linkage or servo needed. Valve activation point ON and OFF default can be set.

Blue Point Engineering LLC – BPE Solutions


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