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Brand New Energy-generating Shoes From NTT!

2017-11-26 09:53  
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When the human beings existed in million years ago, our ancestor still having their bare feet and walking around like a Barbarian (Sorry, I have no offense about it, but our ancestor really an uncivilized living creature in the very beginning!)

Thanks to the brain, human beings starting to involve throughout the time and in the end, we have becoming one of the smartest living creatures that dominate this mother Earth!

The rapidly growing science and technology has bringing us to an advanced stage, where there are more and more incredible and marvelous gadgets have been introduced and available on the market.


Everyday, there are over hundred or thousand of new invention being developed and under testing process. And, there are over 45%-50% of these specimen will be eliminated in the testing period. As a result, those gadgets that selling in the market place has already passed numerous tests!

Let take this NTT’s Energy-generating Shoes as a sample. It’s a special shoe that can generate electricity when the user walking. The shoes have a small generator that has been attached to water-filled soles. Each of the steps will put pressure on the soles and it will cause the water to spin a small turbine and generate power.

These so-called “futuristic” shoes can be generated up to 1.2 watts of electricity, which it can be used to run an iPod mobile music player constantly, if only the user keep on walking…

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