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Buzzer sound with ic UM66T

2018-01-25 02:40  
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This is a simple musical doorbell sound or Buzzer sound circuit.When I switch to musical voice out of small speakers. Period of time.This size range power supply 3V,IC number UM66T audio production functions of various Toy Gallery, And increase the delay circuit includes a transistor and capacitor.
Operation of the circuit be When the switch S1, capacitor C1 will charge as fast as a result, Q1, Q2 the bias.Make a strong drop across R3 is a current flowing into pin 2 of IC1. Made IC1 work, If the switch S1 C1 will be discharged, through R1 to Q1.As a result, the lighter music of the period ever release the audio when the switch is based on the value of C1.

Buzzer sound with ic UM66T

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