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CPU Microcomputer integrated circuit

2017-08-16 11:16  
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"Microcomputer" is an antiquated term that refers to a computer that uses a microprocessor (integrated circuit) for its central processing unit (CPU). In addition, this type of computer should be small enough to fit on a desk, as microprocessor-based computers larger than that are generally called "minicomputers" instead. Microprocessor-based computers are the backbone of the modern computer era, often considered "third generation" computers, in contrast to the first and second generation of vacuum tubes and bipolar junction transistors, which were common before the microprocessor was developed. Today, almost all computers are microcomputers.This is a 8048 /IM80C48 Microcomputer with 8 character 16-segment ASCII triplex liquid crystal display. The two bit character address is merged with the data and written to the display driver under the control of the WR line.Port lines are used to either select the target driver, or deselect all of them for other bus operations.The appearance of microcomputers coincided with the development oflarge-scale integrated circuits(LSIchips). Anintegrated circuitis a tinychipof silicon on which is layered multiple electronic circuits.

Microcomputer circuit