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Cheap Face Recognation

2018-01-17 23:13  
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There are currently commercially available system for face recognition, but their big, expensive and exclusive. Our goal is to create an inexpensive portable system. Our design consists of an Atmel ATmega644 8-bit, C3088 camera module with OmniVision OV6620 CMOS image sensor, Atmel’s AT45DB321D Serial Dataflash, a MDLS16264 Varitronix LCD modules for outputs, 9-volt battery, and a small wooden structure to support the chin.

We decided the best way to view photos taken by this camera is to send pictures taken from the flash memory Matlab. The easiest way to communicate with Matlab is to use a serial port and uart as defined by Joerg Wunsch on uart.c and uart.h.

Interfacing with Matlab proved to be a bit more complicated than we expected because we were trying to transfer data at once. The SerialConnect.m Matlab file is divided into three separate parts: setting up the connection, receiving data, sending data. Serial connection is setup based on the COM port and the microcontroller is connected to the desired baud rate (which must conform to the definition in uart.c). Receiver section is based on discounted manuscript received 66 data elements at a time or 528 bytes, we find that this is the maximum amount of data that can be sent to Matlab for uart in one buffer. Printed manuscript to the sender section uart number of “face”was sent, where in the flash memory data that should have gone, and then data is sent one byte at a time. We found that if we send more than one byte at a time and not stop at the printed reports microcontroller can not read this entry programming flash unfortunately slowed significantly. It took about 3 hours to load all the eigenfaces to flash.

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