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Christmas Star Principle

2017-08-16 21:01  
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This article is a Christmas star works. The principle is simple but effective. For you to more effectively grasp this principle, we recommend that you read the text combines schematic. When we open this circuit, the brightness lamp L1 gradually increased. When it reaches the maximum brightness level, gradually began to decrease in brightness. When it reaches the minimum brightness level, which will automatically increase. This cycle is repeated. Increase and decrease the brightness of the lamp depends on the charging and discharging the  capacitor  L1 C3. When the output of IC1 is high, capacitor C3 begins to discharge, thus reducing the brightness of the lamps L1. IC2 is an opto-electronic components and isolator IC1 is configured as non-stable multivibrator. IC1 frequency can be changed by changing the value or values ??of the resistor R2 capacitor C1. Remember, when you change the frequency of IC1, you should also change the value of the resistors R3 and R4 correspondingly for better performance. Minimum brightness level can be changed by adjusting the light L1 potentiometer VR1. If the brightness of the lamp L1 does not reach a reasonable brightness level, or if the lamp seems to still be at maximum brightness level (watched one minute), increase online resistance potmeter VR1. If the line resistance potmeter VR1 is too high, the lamp blinks at its lowest brightness possible area, or the lamp may still be in the "off" state for a long time. In this case, reduce the resistance of the potmeter VR1 until the brightness of the lamps L1 increases and decreases steadily. When the supply voltage is changed, you must adjust the potmeter VR1 described above, since the proper performance of the circuit. If you are reading this first principle, the proposed Duokanjibian, grasp this principle.


Christmas Star

Christmas Star

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