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Circuitpeople have a nice online tool for viewing Gerber Files. You upload Gerber or zip file and see design on web page right away.

circuitpeople - gerber view online

Tired of sharing your circuit files? Sometimes it is really hard to send your design as they are big in size or format. CircuitBee has a solution. It's an online circuit sharing service that allows sharing circuits and schematics without pressure. Once uploaded put generated code in to your blog, forum or share directly. Tool allows zooming, panning, and adding mouse over tips.

circuitbee - circuit sharing online

Have an image which you would like to mill with CNC? Most likely it is not in vector format. This software takes care of it – it simply takes bitmap image and converts it to vectorized G-code that is suitable for milling, drilling and where ever you like.

bmp to g-code

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