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Circuit Breaker (LM393PWG4)

2017-07-09 18:39  
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This article describes the Circuit Breaker (LM393PWG4). The principle is very simple, very practical. The circuit components can help you understand better grasp this principle. For example, in this circuit, you can go to find and buy these components:LM393PWG4.

We can use a circuit breakers to limit the current in a single circuit in most household applications. Although breakers come in many sizes, typically a single circuit is limited to 20 amperes. This means that to bend it downward and release the spring-loaded trip-lever, 20 amps of current will heat the bimetallic strip.

TheCircuit Braker circuit schematic

Another mechanism is employed to handle large surges from a short circuit since the heating is fairly slow. The bimetallic strip is pulled down by a small electromagnet consisting of wire loops around a piece of iron in case of a large current surge.?


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