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Circuit Delay and Speakers Protektor Using TL071

2018-01-22 22:14  
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Circuit-delay relay circuit speakers is useful as a delaying / delay on the speaker that functions as a deterrent to prevent pounding of the very first amplifier is turned on. This aims to avoid memperawet speakers easily damaged.? The following is a schematic drawing :

circuit delay1 Circuit Delay and Speakers Protektor Using TL071This series also has advantages, namely: the case of speakers konsleting relationship with amplifier circuit will be disconnected immediately, so that the speaker is safe from kebakaran.waktu waiting or delay time is approximately 5 seconds, and can be altered by changing the condenser C2 with elco smaller value . The time needed to re-open relay if the current cut off about 0.5 seconds. Or you can try to use the circuit scheme below:

speakers protektor1 Circuit Delay and Speakers Protektor Using TL071

Part :

R1 = 22Kohm

R2-3 = 390Kohm

R4 = 470Kohm

R5 = 1Mohm

R6-7-8-9-10-12 = 10Kohm

R11 = 820 ohms

C1-2-3 = D5 = 47uF 63V LED Red 5mm

C4-5 = 100uF 25V

IC1 = TL071

Q1 = BC560C

Q2-3-4 = BC550C

Q5 = A2 = BD139

Relay RL1 = 12VDc Omron G2R2

D1-2-3 = 1N4148

D4 = Green 5mm LED

J1 = 3pin connector with 2.54mm step

J2 =? 2pin connector 2.54mm step

J3 = 2pin connector with 3.96mm step

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