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Complete Energy Utilization Maximizes Run Time of Supercap R

2018-05-03 15:47  
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View Full Size Image View Original Design NoteComplete Energy Utilization Maximizes Run Time of Supercap Ride-Through Application

This figure shows a complete 3.3V/200mA ride-through application that maximizes the amount of power extracted from the supercap to support the load. The main components of the ride-through application include the LTC4425 complete 2A supercapacitor charger (it clamps the individual cell voltages to ensure that the cells do not overvoltage during charging and balances the cells throughout charge and discharge), the LTC3606 micropower buck regulator (produces the regulated 3.3V output), and the LTC4416 dual ideal diode (switches the supercap in and out depending on need).

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