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Connect Nokia 3310 LCD to LPT port

2017-12-23 17:00  
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I found this circuit really simple and interesting. It is really simple to drive Nokia 3310 graphical LCD by using simple LPT cable and some PC software. Firs of all connect graphical LCD to LPT port according to following circuit:


Graphical display needs about 3.3V of supply voltage, while LPT gives about 4.5 -5V. This is why diodes are used to reduce voltage by formula: 4.5V-0.7V-0.7V=3.1V.

LCD pin numbering on Nokia 3310 LCD is as follows:


Graphical display is controlled by PCD8544 controlled. Download Controller specifications here:PCD8544.pdf

As you have noticed LPT port data pins are used for data transfer and powering of LCD:


When hardware part is done it is time to draw some images on LCD. For this download control program (Pascal source is included in package too). Software is written to drive ports directly in DOS or win98 operating system. If you are using Win2000 or XP you might want to read: Program LPT and COM ports easily under windows NT-2000-XP.

I have copied One of solutions here:

Download PortTalk and unzip it in separate folder somewhere. Then copyallowio.exedirectly to the directory where is you program which you want to run. Then create shortcut of your compiled program for instance LCD.exe. Then open files properties and in line target do following changes:

Instead of:


change to

D:/project/allowio.exe D:/project/LCD.exe /a

Remember that you must have administrator rights on computer. Dirty trick but it works.

Some prof that works –Run program and draw with left mouse button pressed. Right mouse button erases:

Nokia LCD in progress

Good luck from o-d-v.nm.ru

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