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Convenient AVR ATMEGA board with multiple MCU support

2017-12-22 05:50  
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The board is very neat and convenient to use. If you’re just starting to learn prototyping AVR microcontrollers this is just what you might need.


If you use DIP socket instead soldering AVR microcontroller directly, then you can interchange following AVR’s: ATMEGA16(L), ATMEGA163(L), ATMEGA32(L), ATMEGA332(L), AT90S8535(L) a€“ well some of them are obsolete models. But they are pin compatible models.


Author wanted to develop this board as simple as possible and as flexible as possible. Therefore there are minimum of elements in this board: Exchangeable oscillator crystal, Reset button, LC filter for A/D converter. There is also Jumper which allows selecting internal or external (5V) reference voltage for A/D.

Programming of microcontroller is done by ISP adapter compatible with STK200 – which is supported by most of tools like PonyProg or AVRdude .

AVR board pdf (602kB)description, pin allocation, diagram and layout of the AVR board

PCB_Layout (50kB)PCB layout and Schematics in Eagle 4.09r2

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